at Africa Mbele

Through private-public partnerships, research, resource mobilization, social oversight, advocacy, and justice

we endeavor to...

Develop and implement programs and initiatives to support the repatriation of stolen assets to emerging markets and transition African countries

Foster good governance, transparency, enforcement, and protection of public resources

Strengthen essential components of a nation’s key functions in basic social services, infrastructure, economic growth, and poverty reduction

Repatriation of Stolen Assets

Supporting the Transition of African Countries through Asset Repatriation Programs

Boosting National Functionality

Focus on Social Services, Infrastructure, Economic Growth, and Poverty Reduction

strategic operational timeline

1. formation stage

2. Growth Stage

3. Maturity stage

points & metrics

Research and identify governing framework of kleptocracies and locate stolen assets
Inform, provoke the Diaspora, especially key decision-makers and leaders to take action
Advocacy. Target elected officials and allies to trigger enforcement powers to investigate
Define, identify, and target kleptocrats vs oligarchs
Vilify and create the will for non-state and state actors to act (i.e sanctions, freeze assets, etc.)
Compel elected officials to exercise power, authority and political will to seize assets